Friday, September 22, 2017

Government Response to 4-21-15 Supplantation Complaint against Dallas ISD.

Here is the 9 page 9-22-17 letter from the U.S. Department of Education, Office For Civil Rights, that closed the 2 year 5 month old complaint filed 4-21-15 by 15 DISD parents, and residents. Find a summary of the complaint at

During these 2 years and 5 months over 300 pages were given to the government documenting these allegations. There were several in-person interviews.  This is the response.  It closes the case by giving technical grounds for not doing an investigation into each one of the 15 allegations identified. It does not invalidate a single one of the 15 allegations.  Comments are welcome: .

Mike Miles, the superintendent during the 3 years this situation was created, resigned 6-23-15.  That was 3 weeks after a comprehensive report on the evening news about these allegations. If that resignation had not happened, the continued fighting of this case would have been necessary.  The degree of the supplantation has definitely lessened in DISD since that resignation. Work still continues to document the extent to which it may continue, and to determine how widespread it is throughout Texas, and in other states.  (See the creation of the School Equity Spreadsheet.)

Few things destroy racial equity more than the hidden, ongoing supplantation of need-based federal funds.