Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dallas Mexican American Historical League (DMAHL): 2010 Texas State Fair Exhibit & Presentations

On 9-25-10 an exceptionally positive presentation was given at the DMAHL exhibit in the Nature & Science Museum on the State Fair Grounds. The first four Hispanic members of the DISD school board spoke of the individual years they served on the board during the years since 1969.  It was an exceptionally powerful exchange of ideas and history.  This was the first time these four pioneers had ever all sit down together to discuss this shared history as DISD School Board members. In addition to being a reflection of DISD history, this was a powerful affirmation of growing up Hispanic and pushing for equal rights, a process still evolving.

Below is the schedule for the next few weeks of the Texas State Fair for DMAHL presentations, including today's presentations and the names of the speakers. All presentations are being video-taped for the archives of the Dallas Mexican American Historical League, and hopefully will be available to the public through the web site now under construction. These State Fair presentations are open to the public and scheduled on the second floor of the Nature and Science Museum at Fair Park, near the DMAHL exhibit. More exhibit details are at .

Dallas Mexican American Historical League
Speaker Forums - 2010 State Fair
Crozier Tech High: The Mexican American Experience 1940's to 1970's

Sept 24, 2010, Sat. - 1pm DISD Historical Reflections
Former School Board Members
Trini Garza 1969-1970, 1991-1994
Roberto Medrano 1974-1986
Rene Castilla 1986-2005
Jose Plata 1995-2001

Sept 30th, Thurs - 1pm 1940's – The Greatest Generation – Remembering Crozier Life -
Our men leave to war
1940's Alumni
Philip Revillas
Anita N. Martinez
John Zapata Gonzales

October 3rd, Sun – 1pm The Tri Ethnic Committee 1971 Desegregation Court Order
Rene Martinez
Trini Garza
Frank Hernandez

Oct 7th, Thur – 1pm 1950's – The Silent Majority – Tech guidance counselors created the workforce
1950's Alumni
Jerry Maldonado
Robert Miramontes
Pedro Aguirre
Cipriano Munoz
Rev. Isabel Gomez
Rafael Gomez

Oct 9th, Sat – 1pm Mike Gomez – Pursuing acting “Milagro Beanfield”

Oct 14th, Thur – 1pm 1960's – The Baby Boomers – The Rebel Wolves/Civil Rights – Vietnam
1970's – The “Me” Generation – Crozier Closes,  Trade vs Technology
1960's & 1970's Alumni
Mary Bocanegra
Gloria Velasquez
Frances Rizo
Tom Lazo
Armando Esquivel
Richard Medrano
Alejandro Oballo
Luis Sepulveda
Johnny Moa

October 16th
The History of The Bill Harrod Church
Elsa Cadena
Olga Uribe
Benita Villa

October 17th
My Time with Jack Ruby
Richard “ Chick” Ramirez Tech Alumni