Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Encouraging early voting in Dallas - with a message for our students.

 This photo was taken 4:30 PM, 10-20-10, at Clarendon/Westmoreland intersection in Dallas. The sign directs people to Martin Weiss Recreation Center for early voting.

It is never right for a teacher to tell their students for whom they themselves are voting. However, such questions are a priceless opportunity for a teacher to speak of the power of the vote.  This is a time to talk of the absolute necessity that people in positions of authority never try to influence those over whom they have authority regarding such a precious right. It is also a time to speak of the absolute necessity for every adult citizen to vote and be involved in the decisions made in our democracy. 

This afternoon many of my students saw me with the above sign as I worked about two miles from our school to encourage Dallas citizens in voting early.  This work was near the closest early voting location in our area, a location that is not marked from the nearby 6-lane road.

Hopefully these efforts during Dallas early voting will send the right message.  Free choice is priceless! We must educate ourselves to best preserve our ability to choose.  We must vote based on reasoned choices for our democracy to work!

(Note: this effort resulted in a 40% increase in the early votes cast at Weiss Recreation Center nearby that was being pointed to with the sign.)