Friday, March 11, 2011

Texas Education Budget Cut Crisis

There is nothing more painful that to have been part of a system that was constantly improving for the past 5 years and to suddenly see that system begin to fight against itself due to pending budget cuts.  Texas was constantly improving for the past 5 years, as is clearly indicated by the constantly improving graduation rate data shown in this chart:
Texas must now decide how important the education of the children of Texas is.  Is it so important that Texas will consider and discuss the possible addition of as much as 6% in taxes to Texan families making in excess of a half a million dollars a year?  Texas is about to have the values of our great state exposed to the nation in a blunt and clear manner that has never happened before. There is no shortcut out of this fact.

Please study the alternatives presented in They are simple.  They will improve Texas forever.  Come join us at the demonstrations in Austin this week.  Here is the flyer being handed out at the demonstrations in Austin both Saturday and Monday.

Questions are welcomed.
Bill Betzen
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