Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dallas City Council Redistricting Map Draft 05/03/11

(The plan below was updated 5-13-11 and that plan is being submitted formally to the Commission. That final plan can be seen at http://dallasredistricting2011.blogspot.com/
The plan below is left here for anyone interested in the evolution of the final plan.)
We now have a first draft with statistics that only indicate need for minimal corrections.  Here is the map. If you click on it a larger version will appear.  Then, if you click on that copy, icons will appear that will allow you to enlarge it much more:
This map shows the basic lines.  There will be minor changes made due to the input of the public and from the Redistricting Committee Meetings twice a week.  Please send your opinions to bbetzen@aol.com, or post them here, on this blog.  Here are statistics and comments that go with the above map: