Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dallas ISD SAT/ACT Scores & Graduation Rate Progress 2006-2011

The ACT & SAT data is in the lower right hand corner of this spreadsheet:
Dallas ISD SAT/ACT Scores & Graduation Rate Progress
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Only the most recent five years of Dallas ISD SAT and ACT scores are available online. This information is inserted in the chart above for these 5 years: 2006 through 2011. While any progress regarding academic achievement is less than clear in this data, the graduation rate progress year to year is very clear and constant as indicated in the graph below:
Graph of 5 measurements of graduation rate progress in Dallas ISD
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The very good news is that with this significant improvement in the graduation rate in Dallas ISD over the past 5 years the adacemic progress did not go backwards.  That is certain.  As more students remain through graduation it has often happened that academic scores have gone down.  That did not happen in Dallas ISD!  It can be argued that there was some academic improvement.  It is a fact that the percentages of students taking the ACT and SAT exams grew.

Dallas ISD scores are below the state average. The average 2011 composite ACT score for Texas was 20.8 with 36% of graduates taking the exam.  The average SAT math and science score in Texas in 2011 was 967 with 58% participation.  Dallas ISD has work to do, but we are doing it!