Friday, April 12, 2013

Sunset Evidence of DISD Chaos

Monday evening, 4-8-13, I attended one of the most painful meetings I have attended in years.  It verified tragic rumors that were circulating Sunset High School. 

Mr. Tony Tovar, the Sunset Principal since July 2006 announced he had submitted his resignation out of frustration for the way DISD administration was micromanaging Sunset.  Frustrations from cancelled skating parties to delayed prom approvals were just the tip of the iceberg as to the specialized mistreatment Sunset was being selected out for.

Were there performance problems at Sunset?  Absolutely not!  There were no such issues, especially compared to the other 22 comprehensive high schools in DISD. The progress of the past 6 years has continued, and is projected into the future, placing Sunset in the wonderful place of being one of the most improved comprehensive high schools in all of DISD!  Then what is happening?

Here is one chart documenting the monumental progress at Sunset:

Tony Tovar Graduation Rate Miracle at Sunset High School, Dallas
Click on above image to enlarge.

The reasons for the mistreatment of Sunset by DISD central office cannot be identified.
After the meeting staff started an online petition to support Mr. Tovar and ask he reconsider his decision: . Please join us and sign the petition to push the numbers well beyond the over 500 signatures now present.

Please clear your calendar for a rally planned for Thursday, 4-18-13, at 6:00 PM at Sunset for alumni, students, staff, and families to show support for Sunset and Mr. Tovar.