Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dallas ISD building a wall

On 5/4/13 a well researched letter was sent to DISD Superientendent, Mike Miles, by three Dallas Achieves Commission leaders.  It's a critical letter asking for answers about many issues, including why positive moves toward transparency in DISD were not being continued.  Those changes were encouraged by the Commission in 2007 when 5 years of record setting progress started in DISD.

Now other changes are happening within DISD:
Comment & Question form used 5/6/13 at DISD meeting for public input
The shrinking of the public comment form at public meetings asking for input indicates that there are indeed walls going up around DISD.  Not only is DISD sharing less about what is happening inside the district, but they want less input from the public about what should be happening. 

This is not a joke!  It's "body language" DISD administration may not even be aware of.