Friday, March 21, 2014

Unanswered questions killing Dallas ISD "home rule" effort

Last night there was an overcrowded meeting with 70% of the people standing and/or unable to even get in the room at Preston Royal Library.  Many left in frustration unable to get into the room.  The meeting was tense with too many questions unanswered.  People were angry.
Support Our Public Schools North Dallas Meeting 3-20-14

Support Our Public Schools North Dallas Meeting 3-20-14

Based on what reportedly happened last night at the two other SOPS meetings in South Dallas and Pleasant Grove, the "home rule" effort is dying due to inability, or refusal, to answer basic questions:
1) What specific changes, impossible in the current system, are wanted?  Why are those changes not being specifically pursued?
2) Who will pay for the operations and professional support of the 15 member commission?  Taxpayers?  Dallas Redistricting Commission, with a MUCH simpler task over a much longer time period, cost over $500,000!
3) HB 5 is new with many more alternatives for schools.  Why this rush before HB5 alternatives have been better tested?
There are too many unanswered questions. We are witnessing the death of this misnamed "home rule" effort.