Monday, August 18, 2014

Data DISD did not want shared.

On 8-14-14 DISD published their most recent copy of the CORE Network News for DISD. It included a graph documenting the increased speed with which teacher vacancies were being filled. 

CAPE Network News for 8-14-14
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The Cape Network news only gave a graph underlining the increased speed with which they are now able to fill teacher vacancies in DISD.  It failed to provide additional information as to how turnover has gone up over 100% and the number of new teachers teaching their first year as a teacher has increased about 150% in the past 2 years.    See this edited copy of the graph from the CORE Network News.

Edited copy of DISD teacher vacancy graph showing the rest of the story
of the Dallas ISD growing crisis in teacher turnover.

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When the numbers are compared across time you can see the number first year teachers has gone from 460 a year to 1,285 a year in just 3 years.  The percent of turnover has gone from 12.9% to 28.5%, well over a 120% increase.   

Remember, these are last years numbers.  The numbers for 2014/15 are slowly being gathered.  We already know the number of new, first year teachers is as high as last year, within 50, but that resignations are still being counted and positions filled. 
The 2014/15 school year is finding DISD with the smallest percentage in history of teachers with over three years teaching experience, and the highest percentage of teachers ever (32.8%)with one year or less of time with Dallas ISD.