Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dallas ISD Teacher Effectiveness Initiative Confusion 12-4-14

Nothing is more directly changing DISD at this time than TEI (Teacher Excellence Initiative) described online at .  The TEI is based on the presumption that teachers are driven by higher salaries.  The linked research on the DISD TEI web site shows it is based on some $200 million in research by the Gates Foundation using student testing to measure teacher performance.  But the Gates Foundation themselves in June recommended delaying the use of tests in the evaluation of teachers.  See

DISD ignored that advice and continued to moved forward with TEI.   DISD parents are seeing the results and groups around Dallas ISD are gathering to complain.

On December 4th was the Board Briefing at which many trustees questioned elements of the testing problems being presented by DISD parents.   If you go to and go down the page to the December 4th briefing, you can see the videotape of the 12-4-14 meeting.   In the left hand column, under the Agenda, you will see the link for the video.  Click on it to load the video.  (My talk, as the only public speaker at this meeting, is 29 minutes into the tape, summarizing many of these issues.)

Go 1 hour and 40 minutes into the tape where a staff presentation titled Teacher Excellence Initiative Update starts.  The 12 slide PowerPoint used in the meeting is on the web site at

As you listen to this presentation and the discussion that follows pay close attention to the level of confusion about TEI.  The discussion goes on for over 2 hours. Does Dallas want such a costly experiment to continue on Dallas children? 
Parents in DISD need to be concerned and willing to sign up and speak at this Thursday’s Board Meeting.

By February 2015 DISD will have lost 6,000 teachers (out of a teacher number that is normally about 10,000) in the 31 months since Miles was hired and turnover accelerated due to changes represented in TEI.  See the data at