Monday, June 27, 2016

Enrollment dropping - DISD staff claim otherwise 10-22-14

A series of posts to agonize over dropping enrollment not reflected in DISD 2016/17 Budget. They also bemoan the 10-22-14 meeting where misleading information from DISD staff claiming enrollment over budget was used to get approval for $6.4 million for additional staff while that day the enrollment was 1,033 under budget and the official 2014/15 school year was recorded as being 1,268 below budget. 

Sadly the video of the 10-22-14 meeting documenting this series of events, that was online a week ago, now cannot be located.

DISD now has a budget projecting an increase in student enrollment when Dallas County Birth records and the growing number of charter schools both indicate DISD enrollment will be going down again in 2016/17.

Following are these posts made to TALKDISD Blog.

 44,414 births in 2007 remain Dallas County record. 2011, 2012, 2013 births stable, within 100 of 38,700.