Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dallas ISD Enrollment & Graduation Rate History

The following chart was turned in at a meeting 1-11-12 at the Dallas ISD headquarters.  It was a meeting accepting input as to the qualities the Dallas ISD Superintendant to be hired must have.  It was recommended all finalists be given a large copy of the following chart, and 15 minutes alone, to study and interpret it:

Right click on the above image to enlarge and/or download.
 The applicants would then have to talk about the major achievements and challenges facing DISD as reflected in the spreadsheet.  Questions would be asked: What does the chart document about Dallas ISD history?  What does it document that must be improved?  What improvements now happening must continue?  What do you notice on the chart that most administrators would not notice?  (On 1-18-12 a posting was made that focuses on the high school that is more responsible than any other in DISD for the graduation rate improvements shown in this chart.)

Any qualified applicant must be able to quickly read and interpret a spreadsheet if decisions within DISD are to truly be data driven.  It is a trend that must continue to spread, and be more visible to the public.  It is also a trend that must be cautious in dealing with data sets that are too often too narrow, often dangerously narrow!