Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dallas ISD High School Enrollment 1-18-12 & dropout rate indicators

The following chart was created from the enrollment figures that were posted onto the official DISD enrollment web site at  as of 4:37 AM today, 1-18-12. 

When a person concerned about dropout rates looks at school enrollment, the first thing you want to compare are freshman and senior enrollment numbers.  The smaller the senior enrollment numbers compared to the freshman enrollment numbers, the greater the dropout rate with very rare exceptions.  As a school makes progress in lowering their dropout rate, their senior enrollment becomes an ever greater percentage of their freshman class enrollment.   This has happened at Sunset and Pinkston High Schools, both high schools who have received Archive Project students since 2006, and then started their own High School level Archive Projects in the years since.   See the chart below:
Non-magnet Dallas High School Enrollment as of 1-18-12
One indication of graduation rate standings.
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Sunset, which received the largest majority of Archive Project Students, stands out significantly above the other DISD non-magnet high schools as having one of the highest graduation rates in Dallas ISD.  Five years ago Sunset had one of the lowest graduation rates and highest dropout rates in all of DISD.  Only 6 schools were worse, and one of them was Pinkston.  Now they both are well above the DISD average shown in the chart above.  Sunset now has one of the highest graduation rates and one of the lowest dropout rates for all Dallas ISD non-magnet high schools.