Monday, July 16, 2012

21 DISD Dropout Factories: Enrollment and Progress 1996-2012

The following charts present the 1996-2012 enrollment for each of the 21 Dallas Non-Magnet High Schools who were each listed as a "Dropout Factory" on the 2007 list made by John Hopkins University.  Due to significant improvement in almost all of the 21 schools, 7 of them would no longer be on the "Dropout Factory" list. (To be on the list a school has to have a three year average promotion rate below 60%.  The promotion rate is the percentage of 9th grade students reflected in the 12th grade enrollment three years later.)

The schools are listed in three groups: 6 North Dallas Schools, 6 Southeast Dallas Schools, and 9 Southwest Dallas Schools.  All of these charts come from one spreadsheet.  If you would like a copy please email and I will gladly sent you a copy of the spreadsheet. 

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Woodrow Wilson, W.T.White, & Thomas Jefferson
High Schools
North Dallas, Hillcrest, Bryan Adams, & Seagoville High Schools
James Madison, Lincoln, Skyline, & Samuel High Schools
Spruce, Carter, & Adamson High Schools  

Molina, Roosevelt and Pinkston High Schools
Kimball, South Oak Cliff, and Sunset High Schools
A Maceo Smith High School
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The average Promotion Rate for the 21 DISD non-magnet high schools listed above was only 45.1% which more than placed them below the 60% average. Notice the bottom line above and the constant improvement in the Promotion Rate for DISD until this past year, 2011-12, when the average Promotion Rate of 60.5% was achieved by all these original 21 "Dropout Factory" schools.  This is wonderful progress!  Hopefully progress will continue and never waiver.