Monday, September 9, 2013

Mike Miles' Dallas record & resignation petition

On Thursday, 9-12-13, at 4:00 PM there will be a Board Briefing to cover the agenda found at  Among the multitude of items that will be covered you will find a report on Discipline in DISD comparing the past two years.   It is at and documents a dramatic 26% increase in disciplinary actions last year, since Mr. Miles became superintendent.  Here is a graph showing the types of discipline that increased:
Increased disciplinary actions under Mike Miles
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 Due to staffing cuts many schools closed their in-school suspension room or that number would have probably gone up significantly more than it did.

Discipline documented 2007 to 2013 Dallas ISD
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On Saturday 9-7-13 the results of an investigation of Mr. Miles were made public.  A copy of the complete 49 page investigation was inserted into the newspaper article at

The largest discussion online of these issues can be found at  

Another side of the investigation with less discussion is at

Here is an article and discussion about Jim Schutze and his involvement:

Resignation Petition

On 8-30-13 an online petition was started to petition for Mike Miles resignation.  It not only collects names but also statements from those signing, if they wish to leave one, as to the reason the resignation is requested.   See   and you may sign the petition.

The posting below being moved to a 9-9-2013 date as part of an ongoing record as to what is happening to Dallas ISD under Mike Miles.

4-18-13 posting:
Mike Miles, 4-12-12 Colorado talk, and 4-18-13 national study
Today (4-18-13) a very critical national study was published about the alleged educational reforms that have been inflicted on Dallas ISD over the past year, often with great cost and pain.   See the full study at

In studying this report it became clear that the original title given this posting as focusing only on the responsibility of Mr. Miles in DISD, was wrong.  The problem is much bigger than just Superintendent Miles.  It started long before he was ever hired!  I am moving that discussion to another blog more appropriately titled: National Study Critical of Dallas ISD Reforms, published 4-18-13 .

A majority of the current DISD Board are responsible for bringing DISD to this place. Yes, some of the changes must continue!  But we must be selective.  We must pay attention to the data!

"Data-driven decision making" is a regularly abused mantra allegedly supporting these changes in DISD.  It is too often simply a lie, mostly un-intentional, used by the public, DISD staff, and by the Board.  Data must always be used very carefully, with those using it always willing to debate the sources and conditions of the data.  Lack of full transparency is an ongoing problem with data manipulations.

An article posted by the Dallas Morning News on 4-17-13 directly involves behavior by Mr. Miles that indicates he is less than respectful of DISD and Dallas.   It includes a 35 minute recording of a presentation given in Colorado 4-12-13 by Mr. Miles. You can hear verbatim from his mouth what he is saying about Dallas when he is out of town starting at minute 22 in the tape.   Listen to his talk and share your opinion:

He missed the dedication of a DISD school to a very respected and prominent Dallas leader, Adelfa Callejo.  Instead he went to Colorado to give this talk. While these may be true stories he told, how does sharing them like this in Colorado help Dallas?  Why is our superintendent having his expenses covered by someone to go about the nation and talk like this about Dallas and Dallas ISD?  His talk certainly did not help the work of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce to improve the national image of Dallas!  He never spoke about the record setting improvements in DISD during the 5 years before his arrival. This is not the way a professional superintendent acts who is dedicated to their school district, their city, and the children therein!