Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reasons Mike Miles must leave Dallas

By keeping Mike Miles, Dallas ISD will be sending a very negative message to the world about education reform, and Dallas.
1. DISD will be keeping a leader whose behavior necessitated a $100,000 investigation exposing many unethical actions by him against DISD policy, and against the board itself, actions that would lead to any CEO in the business world being fired.
2. DISD will be keeping a leader who disrespected some of the most respected leading education professionals in DISD, and their record of achievement, pushing them out of their critical leadership positions:
3. DISD will be keeping a leader who has monumental difficulty in hiring and keeping staff who work closest to him. Why are those closest to him leaving?
4. DISD will be keeping a leader who it appears paid some of the closest staff he had conflicts with to keep quiet: To date those staff have kept quiet.
5. DISD will be keeping a leader who, ignoring documented histories of achievement, imposed an untested evaluation tool prematurely, evaluating staff without timely opportunities for improvement (time he then requested and received for himself from the Board), decimating teacher and principal numbers with questionable termination threats and actions. A record number of over 1,700 staff have already left DISD: More are waiting to leave if Mike Miles stays.
6. DISD will be keeping a leader who for the first time in history decreased the percentage of DISD students taking the ACT exam by 21%, instead of the normal 20% average annual increases since 2007. He decreased the percentage of Black students in 2013 by 20.9% and Hispanic students by 24%, but increased the percentage of White students by 0.7%. He then claimed a testing improvement going from 17 to 18 without pointing out the changes in the tested population:
7. DISD will be keeping a leader who was never questioned about the monumental 26% high school enrollment decrease in his Harrison District while he was there with families moving into the district causing over a 20% increase in elementary enrollment:
8. DISD will be keeping a leader who is now facing a 5% decrease in 12th grade enrollment in Dallas, the first decrease in DISD senior enrollment since the Class of 2009 set the first of a series of senior all time enrollment records, which were broken every year since 2009 as senior enrollment constantly increased, until now. This sudden decrease in Dallas 12th grade enrollment demands that Dallas study details surrounding 33% decrease in senior enrollment during Mike Miles' 6 years in Colorado.
9. DISD will be keeping a leader who, following the monumental loss of tenured staff his first year, then saw a 26.8% increase in DISD discipline problems. Students had seen the loss of power by their teachers. Mandatory open doors were only part of the message. Students responded. Discipline problems exploded.
Mike Miles must leave! Ethics cannot be compromised without leaving a very bad image for reform!
Mike Miles understands that. He has already sent his family back to Colorado. He sold his Dallas home. Does the DISD Board understand?
Dallas ISD must not allow more of what happened in Colorado under Miles to be repeated in Dallas: