Sunday, November 24, 2013

Three questions Mike Miles must answer

Since the official DISD enrollment count of 11-01-13 it is clear Mike Miles must answer three questions regarding current senior enrollment:
  1. Is it true both that student loss has made the DISD Class of 2014 the first senior class in 7 years that is not larger than the previous year’s senior class, and that their loss is so large that DISD has now suffered the greatest loss in senior enrollment year to year of any senior class in 29 years? 
  2. How is this senior student enrollment loss in Dallas different from what happened from the Class of 2009 to the Class of 2012 in Harrison School District Two during which time 1/3 of the senior enrollment was lost?
  3. What are the reasons for this massive loss happening to the DISD Class of 2014?

========== Addendum 4-18-15 ====================

We now  know that these three questions written over a year and four months ago only pointed to the tip of the iceberg.  By the end of the 2013-14 school year DISD suffered one of the largest increases in PEG and Improvement Required schools, failing schools, in the history of DISD!  It appears Board President Miguel Solis knew that this tragedy was probably coming so he and a few other board members pushed to extend Mr. Miles contract before the information on failing schools was made public.

Now, a Civil Rights Complaint was filed with the Department of Education on 3-25-15 due to apparent funding irregularities within DISD that appear to have helped lead to these failing schools, and to the probable budget surplus that also helped Mr. Miles secure his contract extension early.

The reasons for the complaint are concentrated between two words, supplement and supplant.  Google both of them at the same time and in a nutshell you will see what has been going on inside DISD since 2012.  

That appears to be the source for the "Dallas ISD Miracle" with the sudden growth of the surplus inside DISD while suddenly having money for massive growth in administrative staff, salary, and expenses.  Can anyone else explain where this money came from?