Saturday, January 3, 2015

DISD New Year’s Wish for 2015: Transparency

May Dallas ISD become increasingly transparent!

As is well documented during years of recorded DISD Board Meetings, the "Superintendent’s Reports " provided by Mike Miles contain little, if any, hard statistical data about what is happening to DISD students and the staff who serve them.  Due to that ongoing lack of data we must ask Trustees to have additional monthly evening meetings in the same auditorium for Dallas to receive and ask questions about the monthly changes in DISD student achievement.  

This meeting would be for residents who want to know exactly how DISD students are doing.  What is improving their achievement? What is making that achievement suffer?  How evenly distributed is that achievement among all population groups within DISD?   That data must be exposed.  Some of it is at, but that is always old data.  We must know what is happening to our students as soon as the data is available.

The first thing to happen at this meeting would be a presentation by either DISD Administration or by the Trustees about the most recent student performance and staff turnover.  Mr. Miles could deliver it himself if he chose to begin openly sharing all data requested about student achievement and staff turnover.

The second part of the meeting would be a question and answer session with one minute questions allowed, answers given by DISD staff, and a one minute second question/clarification allowed by the original person with the question if their inquiry was not addressed. 

Time would have to be strictly followed with microphones turned off after each minute.   A dialogue would have to be encouraged within these boundaries in respect for the large number of the public who may have questions.  

Such question and answer sessions have disappeared from DISD.  That is part of the reason for the current achievement crisis being faced our Dallas schools.

Transparency must dominate 2015!  Residents must demand it!  Then actions can be taken based on the most accurate and well understood data possible.