Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dallas ISD Title VI Complaint & STAAR Test disaster

Since the original Title VI complaint against Dallas ISD was filed on 3-25-15 much more research into the massive data online in the PEIMS Financial Database on the Texas Education Agency web site has been done.   On 4-21-15 a greatly expanded complaint was filed to replace the 3-25-15 complaint.  This one was signed by 15 Dallas residents most of whom were parents to DISD students.

Channel 8 report gave an extensive report on this complaint on 5-28-14. (An even more expanded evening news coverage of this issue happened the first week of June and Mike Miles resigned 20 days later on 6-23-15.)  The link to that article and 5 minute news report is  However, the 70 page copy posted with that report was edited into a 76 page copy to be made much more clear and easy to read.  It is the 76 page copy that is being used by the Department of Education in the complaint.  Email  for a copy.

DISD has admitted "coding errors" and is now in the process of returning probably over $50 million dollars to campuses serving the most impoverished children in DISD.   Rumors are floating of many dozens of DISD central office staff losing their positions as these "coding errors" are corrected.

These admissions by DISD mean that the crowded classrooms and lack of resources on many DISD campuses were due to central office "coding errors."  Probably more resignations are coming.

This week DISD was also notified of abominable results from the statewide STAAR test wherein DISD students fell more behind other students in Texas than at any time since 2004, possible even before 2000, except for possibly last year when similar falling results happened.   These past two years are the worst years for achievement in DISD in over 12 years!

It is certain that the "coding errors" claimed by Mike Miles and his staff were a major factor in crowded classrooms, fewer teachers, and the lowering of DISD achievement relative to the state of Texas since 2012.

The exposures that have been set in motion by the 4-21-15 Title VI Complaint have just started.  Nobody knows what the final outcomes will be beyond more resources and teachers being made available to the most poverty stricken schools in DISD.

Sadly, due to the history of retaliation under Mike Miles in DISD, it is feared that these job losses downtown and in management positions will be used as opportunities to eliminate those who have hesitated in any way to sing the praises of reforms under Mr. Miles.

ADDENDUM: Mike Miles resigned on 6-23-15 to be effective 6-30-15.