Sunday, May 3, 2015

War against Rosemont and all DISD children!

The battle in DISD intensified Friday May 1, 2015 with the Mayor and City Council succeeding in having 6 out of 9 DISD Trustees to ignore the massive data collecting, such as that at .  Instead the all only focused on misleading data from DISD such as this .  Read the comments carefully to this DMN article to see the rest of the story!

The 15 year principal at Rosemont Elementary, who has grown a small inner city school into one of the most popular elementary schools in all of DISD, is being fired due to her assertive parents who directly attacked Mike Miles and his methods.  She would not and probably could not stop them.  DISD looked up reasons to fire her and claims lack of academic progress is the problem.  Here are the most recent academic scores at Rosemont:

Rosemont grades 2015
Rosemont is a model of success that all DISD schools should be following!  It is also a dual language two-way K-8 school with a middle schools with some of the highest grade averages in all of DISD for middle schools, and the students are all bi-lingual!  This all happened during the past 15 years under Anna Brining.  Why is she suddenly fired with no time to correct any alleged problems?  

We now must get rid of the DISD Board members who will continue to ignore both the positive grades that DISD students are getting in some schools with any principal with a hint of independence being replaced.  The low grades in the large majority of schools, where money is being taken from students to help cover other projects by Mike Miles, those schools are being ignored. 

Dallas families have a crisis to solve in DISD!  Their votes this week can take a big step to do end this crisis.   Support Dr. Kyle Renard for District 1, ,  David Lewis for District 3, , and Trustee Bernadette Nutall for District 9. 

I have been working with David Lewis at the early voting locations, 5-5-15 is the last early voting day, and I think he will win.  The public has had enough of Mike Miles!   Here was a photo taken the morning of 5-5-15:
David Lewis working Early Voting location 5-5-15 morning.  Dan Micciche in distance.