Friday, June 26, 2015

Dr. Michael Hinojosa back in DISD as Interim Superintendent

This evening the DISD Trustees and Dr. Michael Hinojosa agreed for him to be the Interim Superintendent as they search for a permanent superintendent.  The two charts below show why this is a good idea for DISD.  First, during the 6 years Dr. Hinojosa was superintendent the DISD, from 2005 to 2011, graduation rates and the size of graduation classes grew to break multi-year records!
Dallas ISD Graduation Rate Progress 2002-2012
Second, during those same 6 years, the DISD/Texas Student Achievement Gap (DSAG), compared with the state of Texas on statewide test passing percentages, shrunk a full 4 percentage points for a 31% improvement!  If that progress had continued until now we would now have a DSAG in the 6% range.  Instead we are suffering with 13%!   In DISD that 7 percentage point difference represents about  more students who failed one or more of the statewide tests they took this past year.
Dallas ISD Student Achievement Gap with Texas (2006-2015)
The formula for DSAG is the percentage of DISD students who pass all statewide tests taken subtracted from that same percentage for all of Texas students.  The remaining number of percentage points is the DSAG, the DISD/Texas Student Achievement Gap.  See data sources at

1995-2015 Dallas ISD/Texas Student Achievement Gap (DSAG) History
During Dr. Hinojosa's time in DISD the DSAG shrunk from 13 percentage points to only 9.  

DISD was catching up with the rest of Texas prior to Mr. Miles!  Then the gap began to grow and fell behind over 60% from 2013 to 2015!  If the progress prior to Miles had continued DISD would now have a DISD/Texas Student Achievement Gap in the 6% range.   DISD would have 8,000 more students passing all the statewide tests they are taking!