Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lies at 10-22-14 Dallas ISD Board Meeting were told at time due to ongoing missing transparency

The 2015-16 budget summary reminds us of some of the lies told at a 10-22-14 board meeting trying to justify $6.4 million for 137 more teachers.  The new budget documents just approved by the DISD Trustees prove it was NOT true that student enrollment 10-22-14 was over the approved budget!

At the October 22, 2014 monthly Dallas ISD Board meeting many statements were made by Mike Miles and his staff to attempt to justify an additional $6.4 million for 137 additional teacher positions above the budget due to student enrollment beyond budget projections.   Here is the video from that board meeting:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmkvE1yaTeY

As you watch this remember that Mr. Prado resigned as Budget Director soon after the first version of the Title VI Complaint was filed with the U. S. Department of Education March 25, 2015.  (That complaint was ultimately withdrawn and a new much more detailed 76 page complaint was filed on 4-21-15.)

This 10-22-14 meeting screams out for consistent monthly data reports, and more transparency!  The discussion on this video happening in this DISD board meeting would not be needed with such simple reports every month.

This drama as to truth and lies on 10-22-14 continued to be covered in a February 21 2015 Dallas Morning News report:  http://www.dallasnews.com/news/education/headlines/20150221-instant-messages-raise-questions-about-6.4m-for-new-teachers.ece

It continued to be covered the next day, February 22, 2015, with this article: http://educationblog.dallasnews.com/2015/02/deputy-superintendent-ann-smiskos-letter-about-the-6-4-million-for-new-teachers.html/

Bottom line:  At October 22, 2014 DISD Board Meeting Mr. Mike Miles and his staff claimed to need 137 more teachers due to student enrollment beyond budgeted amounts.  DISD Budget Summary data from http://www.dallasisd.org/Page/7796 clearly shows that the 2014-15 budget was approved for 161,554 students and that the 2015-16 Budget Summary data shows that actual PEIMS enrollment for 2014-15 was only 160,253.  That is 1,301 FEWER students than budgeted.  Where did that $6.4 million go? 

Why are the DISD trustees not more concerned about the truth that was NOT told during the 10-22-14 meeting?  Many of the staff involved in that meeting, and in supporting that misleading information, are still on the DISD payroll.

Why are DISD trustees not more concerned about the ongoing lack of transparency that allows such basic and easy to expose lies to be told?  What other lies are out there that are harder to expose?

Dallas ISD needs basic monthly reports documenting basic data needed to show student and teacher movement, and the health of DISD, including data on the health of each single school!