Thursday, April 7, 2016

Texas Ethics Commission Complaint Resolved

A year ago I filed a complaint against a DISD Trustee Candidate who failed to complete campaign finance reports, failed to respond to the Texas Ethics Commission in a timely fashion, but then went on to lose the election in spite of the secrecy his failure provided.

Last week I receive formal notice that the complaint was found valid and that $750 in fines had been paid by this candidate due to this complaint and his delayed response to it.  See order entered at

The system works!  It must be used. Complaints must be filed in a timely fashion and failure to respond in a timely fashion by the respondent will be held against them.

Here is a record of those groups who were supporting this candidate:  You need to download the various reports for the most complete image of who was supporting this campaign.

If you study the campaign finance reports over time, and in the current election, you will find a consistency in that the same collection of PAC's and individuals is supporting candidates who most strongly supported Mike Miles and the well documented destruction of DISD since 2012.

There is also a high correlation of investments in charter schools, and people serving on charter school boards in these groups and among the candidates they have supported.

Notice the large amount of the support for Demarcus Offord that came from Dallas Kids First:
Dallas Kids First support for Demarcus Offord in 2015 election
Notice who Dallas Kids First is endorsing in the May 2016 DISD Trustee elections: