Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dallas ISD dropout indicators as of 10-01-16 enrollment

This is a chart of the 22 Comprehensive High School in Dallas ISD and their enrollment by grade as of 10-1-16.  The balance between 9th grade enrollment and 12th grade enrollment is a general indicator of the dropout numbers that each school will be enduring.  Sunset is the best in DISD by over 10 percentage points!
Dallas ISD Comprehensive High Schools enrollment by grade as of 10-1-16 and dropout indicators.
The position of Sunset at the top of this chart is a reflection of 12 years active work in the Time Capsule Project and a reflection of the fact that Sunset receives most of their students from Quintanilla who started the Time Capsule Project in 2005, and Greiner Middle School who started their Time Capsule Project with Sunset in 2010.

The above statements still need to be researched.  There are multiple other variables that can also, and probably did, account for this monumental progress at Sunset.  Sunset used to be one of the highest dropout rate high schools in all of DISD.

To provide a little history on Sunset, here is a chart covering the decade of enrollments and graduations before 2012 at Sunset.  Notice the imbalance in enrollment that was slowly disappearing with the onset of more future planning students:

Sunset High School enrollment by grade history from 1997 to 2011
Notice how the balance between 12th grade enrollment and 9th grade enrollment began to balance once the Time Capsule Project students began entering Sunset in 2005. The changes started the next year as a higher percentage of 9th graders when on to the 10th grade, a percentage that increased almost every year from that time forward.  That is the power of students having once written serious plans for their own future.  Now we recommend such student writing happen every year in Language Arts classes in every grade.  Just once a year is enough.

Sunset installed their own vault the summer of 2009 along with Greiner. Here is a history of Sunset's graduation rates back in these early days of the Time Capsule Project:
Sunset High School & DISD Graduation Rates Compared from 2000 to 2010.
Principal Tony Tovar came to Sunset in 2005, same year Time Capsule Project started at Quintanilla.

The progress at Sunset continues to this day!  More improvement is needed even when you are on top.