Friday, August 10, 2012

DISD & Texas: Boy-Girl distribution-by-grade compared

The following charts are created from enrollment data for DISD and all of Texas from the TEA web site reporting page at .  Go to Enrollment Reports under Student Reports in the left column on that page.
Boy/Girl Distribution Dallas ISD 2011/12
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In the above chart for Dallas ISD, notice how the boy/girl percentages flip between the 9th and 10th grade. The slight male majority provided by mother nature is lost as more boys drop out. However, this chart shows much less of a boy/girl ratio imbalance than the chart that would have been created for the enrollment in 2004/05 when the senior class had 8.2% more girls in it than boys. The above chart has only has 1.9% more girls than boys in the 12th grade. The 8.2% difference for the Class of 2005 would not have fitted on this chart, as well as other more extreme differences for other grades in 2004/05.
Boy/Girl Distribution all Texas Schools 2011/12
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Study the differences in these two charts. DISD is doing better than the rest of Texas in eliminating the large differences in the 9th grade, but then DISD still looses many more boys before graduation than the rest of Texas.  DISD is loosing boys at a more rapid rate in the transition between 8th grade and 10th grade.

This issue will be the topic of a Dallas Morning News Editorial on 8/11/12.