Friday, August 3, 2012

Dallas ISD Progress Increasing Male Graduation Rate

Dallas ISD went from a 9th grade enrollment that had 5.4% MORE boys than girls in 2004/05 to one that was only 2.9% more boys by 2011/12. Again, this was in the 9th grade.  Boys have historically had a more difficult time passing out of the 9th grade, but as the 9th grade bulge disappeared, this difference has gone down.

The boy/girl ratios have always flipped on the way to graduation. The 5.4% more 9th grade boys disappeared in 2005 to become 8.2% fewer boys at graduation, a 13.6% difference between 9th and 12th grade in 2005.  That 13.6% 9th grade to 12th grade flip in 2004/05 has now shrunk to only a 4.8% flip in 2011/12.

During these same 7 years, 2005-2012, DISD 12th grade enrollment went from 8.2% FEWER boys than girls, to only 1.9% fewer boys with the Class of 2012! That is real progress in helping all of our students graduate! Go DISD!

Now the boy/girl division is greatest in elementary school!  Does it really deserve that much attention in high school? 
Female/Male Student Distribution by Grade in Dallas ISD 2011-12 School Year.
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The above chart shows the difference in the 2011/12 school year, grade by grade, between the percentage of female students (blue) and male students (red). The same snapshot taken in 2004/05 would have been very different, not even fitting on this graph due to the 8.2 percentage point 12th grade difference that would replace the much lower 1.9 percentage point difference now.