Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dallas ISD "home rule" effort ignores data

The SOPS (Support Our Public Schools) group consistently gives only simple one number statistics when they are attempting to show the problems inside DISD, as if a PR company somewhere was running the entire operation.  They do not give how those numbers have changed over time for a reason.  It destroys their message!   Almost any simple one-point-in-time number from any urban district in the US with over 85% poverty levels is frightening, just like Dallas.   But Dallas stands out from this crowd when you look at the rate of change.  From 2007 to 2012 DISD was probably the most improved million population plus urban district in the nation! 

This spreadsheet is of all DISD enrollment data since 1996.  I will gladly share this Excel format spreadsheet.  Email me at

This spreadsheet documents monumental progress this past decade, and several frightening indicators of loosing that progress this year.  The percentage of 8th graders now making it to enroll in the 12th grade dropped 7 percentage points this year to the lowest percentage in 4 years! 
Dallas ISD enrollment by grade from 1996 to present
Click on above chart to enlarge, or email for Excel version.
Dallas must not ignore the progress that is reflected above, or the fact that the same progress is now being rapidly lost.  DISD high school enrollment is now the lowest in 5 years.  The current DISD superintendent has a history of loosing high school enrollment.  High school enrollment numbers went down 25% during the last 5 years he managed Harrison District Two in Colorado.

Dallas must not focus only on test scores and ignore massive student attrition.  Can we prove such student attrition is not part of a plan to raise test score averages among remaining students?

The "home rule" effort wants to hide the massive improvement in DISD graduation rates since 2007.  It took years of change for the DISD Class of 2013 to become the largest DISD graduation class in over 32 years!   That progress must not stop, but it is. 

How is the SOPS group supporting our schools by hiding this progress, working to change the system that achieved this it, all the while ignoring the damage started under Mike Miles?  It is a very dangerous set of facts for the children of DISD.

DISD must resume the 2007-2012 progress.  To do that the current DISD leadership must be replaced.  If anyone thinks that is not necessary, please explain the record of constant student and teacher attrition in Harrison District Two under Mike Miles. 

How bad will things have to get in Dallas ISD before this decision is made?