Friday, May 16, 2014

Were you asked to sign a petition to "improve Dallas ISD" never hearing the words "home rule"?

The petition to begin the process of forming Dallas ISD into a "home rule charter" district is very clear:
In spite of the very clear directions printed in bold on every petition form to begin the process to establish "home rule" for Dallas ISD, the petition workers, paid for each signatures, quickly learned they could not use the word "home rule" or they would not get a signature.  They quickly learned to speak only about "improving DISD."  They did this in many different ways, but stopped reading the statement the were required to read, if they ever did read it.  Then, as the forms were completed and turned in, they signed a notarized affidavit at the bottom of each form swearing that they had in effect read the required statement to each person before they signed their signatures above on that same form, clearly perjury!  The name of the petition worker was given followed by "who being duly sworn, deposes and says: “I called each signer’s attention to the above statements and read them to the signer before the signer affixed their signature to the petition. ..."" followed by other clarifying statements as to the signature. 

Due to these clear indications of perjury, the DISD Trustees must have a study done to verify 24,600 or more signatures were secured in a manner consistent with the process described on the forms themselves.  A random sample of 300 or more signatures is recommended.  Depending on the results, more detailed research may be indicated.
Dallas must know that the procedures written on the petition forms were followed 24,600 times.  If that cannot be verified with reasonable certainty, then there is no legal justification for the "home rule charter" process to go forward at this time in Dallas.
Channel 8 news is doing an investigation of "home rule" petition validity and testimony about the manipulations use to get people to sign. It is online at

This Channel 8 investigation needs to hear from people who were approached to sign the "home rule" petition, and especially folks who actually signed it, and who not only did not have the statement on the petition read to them, but never even heard the words "home rule" during the process.  The phone number for Brett Shipp, the investigative reporter, is 214-748-9631.  Please leave a voice mail message if he is not available when you call.  His e-mail is .
The signature verification process should take two steps.  The first step is now happening with the verification that the 48,000 signatures are valid voters inside DISD with correct data recorded.  That process will take 5 days.  The second step in the process must be initiated by the DISD Trustees.  It must be shown that there is no reason to suspect the truth that instructions printed on each petition form were followed often enough to have 24,600 valid signatures or more.  
As described at, a petition worker came to my home and attempted to get me to sign, but never read any statement nor even used the words "home rule" at any time during the process. 

Here is another full copy of the SOPS home-rule petition with the explanation inserted in the location of the signatures as to why perjury is strongly suspected.
Click on the above form to enlarge and/or print.
 A news story was posted on 5-19-14 that describes what happened very well:

Please encourage any friends who were so manipulated into signing this form to contact us, or Brett Shipp at .