Friday, May 9, 2014

SOPS & Dallas ISD Trustees mentoring honesty

DISD in cooperation with SOPS is about to give a priceless, potentially damaging, 
The Dallas ISD Trustees, in cooperation with SOPS (Support Our Public Schools) are about to give a  lesson in honesty to every young person in Dallas.

What level of honesty do we want to mentor to our students?

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Read the petition form that is being used for all the 25,000 signatures SOPS is gathering.  At the top of the form, in bold print, it states: “This statement MUST be read to each person before signing the petition.” 
At the bottom of the form is the statement to which the person collecting the signatures must sign their notarized signature.  It states: “I called each signer’s attention to the above statements and read them to the signer before the signer affixed their signature to the petition. I witnessed the affixing of each signature.  The correct date of signing is shown on the petition. I verified each signer’s registration status and believe that each signature is the genuine signature of the person whose name is signed and that the corresponding information for each signer is correct.”

A petition gatherer came to my home.  I pretended to know little of the process to see what would be done.  Misleading information about DISD and schools in southern suburbs were given in the attempt to get me to sign. The word "home rule" was never used by the petition worker.  Then I was handed the petition to sign.  I noted my neighbors who had signed, and just before signing handed the form back and began to correct the petition gatherer as to the misleading data she was giving the public about southern suburban school systems, which are documented as having higher dropout rates than DISD.

My neighbors have affirmed that the process documented on the form was not followed with them. I have heard identical statements from many who signed the form or were asked to sign. The statement they are allegedly affirming was not read, nor even pointed out to them.

It is certain the majority of the people signing this petition only want DISD to improve.  They never heard the words “home-rule school district charter” during this signature collection process.  If they did, who understands what that really means?

The DISD Board must start with a random sample of 200 or more of the people signing the petitions from all over Dallas.  They should ask this random sample what process was followed as the form was signed.  It is certain only a tiny percentage of those who signed had the statement read to them before signing. Can these signatures be used?

What is the level of honesty this process reflects?