Monday, August 17, 2015

Sam Tasby ended legal segregation in Dallas ISD

Sam Tasby was a DISD parent who in 1970 with the help of a Legal Aid Attorney, Ed Cloutman, filed the lawsuit that ended legal segregation in Dallas ISD.  Then began a long 40 year period of White flight as is reflected in this 44 year history of enrollment records from DISD:
Enrollment Records Dallas ISD 1970 to 2014
Sam Tasby died this past week at the age of 93.  Here is a link to the Dallas Morning News story done on his life, the school named after him, and the critical role he quietly played with dignity in the history of our city.

God Bless Sam Tasby.  Through Sam Tasby God blessed Dallas by exposing and confronting the racism in our city.  Progress was made, but not enough.  We must not forget our history but continue the work needed.  Dallas was the last major US city to have legally segregated schools and finally end that legal segregation.