Monday, August 10, 2015

Texas Education Agency School Ratings 2015

The Texas Education Agency came out with their 2015 school ratings last week.  Schools all over Texas improved with "Improvement Required" (IR) numbers going from 733 to only 610 schools, a 17% improvement.  That left about 7% of all Texas schools rated IR for 2015.

Dallas ISD also improved, but not quite as much, going from 43 IR schools last year to 37 this year, a 14% improvement for Dallas ISD compared to the 17% improvement for the rest of Texas.  DISD continued to fall behind.   This chart shows this trend for the past three years.

See these accountability ratings in more detail for all of Texas at .

At the other end of the scale DISD now has more of the most highly rated schools than any district in Texas, even Houston.  DISD had 12 our of the 224 schools rated as meeting standards with 7 distinctions.  Houston only had 11.   See the detailed list at .

Dallas ISD is like Dallas and reflective of extremes, the most best schools, and the most at the other end of the scale. 2015 was the second year in a row that the balance of low performing schools, AKA PEG or Public Education Grant schools, was a massive increase. PEG stands for Public Education Grant and provides money for any parent to move their child from these low performing schools to other public schools. See for more details.

For the 2013-14 school year DISD had 35 PEG schools.  In the 14-15 school year the DISD PEG list had 57 schools.  This year there are 73 PEG schools.

The constant increase in PEG schools in DISD must stop.  Here is the list of current schools on the PEG list: