Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dallas ISD making more progress than most DFW districts

Below is a chart that compares DISD with 4 other DFW area districts serving similar populations and with student achievement gaps compared to the percentage of students passing all statewide tests they take each year.  This chart compares DISD with Duncanville, Fort Worth, Irving, and Cedar Hill ISD's:

Study the above chart and you quickly see that Dallas ISD made very solid progress for most of this decade.  It was only surpassed by Cedar Hill ISD for whom the past two years are the worst on the chart, but the achievement remains since 2005.

This chart does not include the 2015 calculations that show the DISD Student Achievement going down again another 2 percentage points in 2015, ending the most improved status.  Such calculations are only projections and require verification when the 2015 Snapshot for Texas is posted in July 2016..

Below is the data, highlighted in yellow, that was used to create the above chart along with the calculations required.

Annual Student Achievement relative to Texas by year for 10 DFW districts 2005 to 2014
You can see with the last line in the chart above that the average of all these schools made a full percentage point gain in shrinking their achievement gap.  Dallas ISD, even if you include the loss from next year, will still be within that level of gain.   However, note that the large improvement in charter school achievement trying to catch up to ISD's was included.  Without that, the average of ISD's alone would have been negative.

Here is the poverty history during these same years for each of these districts and charters:
Percentage of students with free and reduced lunch in each of these districts 2005 to 2014 
 Notice that poverty increased in every district.