Monday, September 7, 2015

Class of 2015 SAT scores may be lowest in 20 years!

Texas has at least a 20 year history of terrible SAT scores that just got worse according to this week’s report in this week’s Morning News at  The Texas Class of 2015 SAT scores were a massive drop for Texas!

If you go to you can see a chart on the SAT scores by state on years from 1996 through 2013.  Texas is now in even worse shape compared to the rest of the nation than at any time on this listing. Texas was never better than 10th from the bottom.  That was the Class of 1996.  We went down from there!

The Class of 2001 was 5th from the bottom.
The Class of 2006 was 8th from the bottom.
The Texas Classes of from 2011 to 2014 were all 5th from the bottom except for the Class of 2013 which was 6th from the bottom.

Here is the chart for the Class of 2014 SAT scores by state:
SAT scores by state for the Class of 2014
Texas must admit that we do not have schools that come near being average in the US. They are below average. The class size and teacher preparation issues statewide are keeping Texas back!

Is Texas at the bottom now due to this weeks news about dropping SAT scores?  Does Texas now have the WORST SCHOOLS IN THE NATION?

Here is the same chart with additional data as to incarceration rate and the levels of school funding added:
How school funding affects schools across the US
The good news is that Texas tests a greater percentage of our students than 29 states.  Of those states, 24 test 18% or less of their students!  Obviously these states are all competitors for last place as they do not have their data being collected.

We in Texas should find little comfort in that.