Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dallas ISD - 18 years of improvement and two of decline

Today Mr. James Ragland had an opinion piece published in the Morning News following 25 years of DISD Superintendent History that is linked here.  I took that list of superintendents and imposed it on the 20 year history of the Texas/DISD Student Achievement Gap.  That gap is a measurement of how far below the average for the State of Texas the achievement for Dallas ISD is.  Over the first 18 years of these 20 years we virtually cut the gap in half.  Then two years ago a record setting decline started.
Two more years in DISD like the last two years and the entire achievement gain since 1995 will be gone!

Texas/DISD Student Achievement Gap Chart 1995-2015
The above chart came from the data below:

Texas/DISD Student Achievement Gap Spreadsheet 1995-2015
While Mr. Ragland's article covered 25 years of history, it was only 20 years ago that the Texas Education Agency first published the Snapshot used to provide 95% of the above data.