Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2014 Dallas ISD Graduation Rate Numbers

While the claim by the Texas Education Agency that the Dallas ISD Class of 2013 had a graduation rate of 84% is inflated by 20 percentage points, DISD did have wonderful progress 6 years in a row, through the Class of 2013 that totaled about a 20 percentage point increase.  But that progress has stopped!

In November of 2013 DISD knew that the 12th grade enrollment for the Class of 2014 was 500 students less than the Class of 2013, but little was said publicly about this enrollment drop.  The Class of 2014 had the lowest DISD senior enrollment since the Class of 2010.  Due to new end of course exams it is possible the official number of diplomas given out, when that number is available, may be pushed back to the Class of 2009.

If this were not a repeat of the constantly lower 12th grade enrollment patterns that plagued Harrison School District 2 in Colorado under Mike Miles,  Dallas would have much less to be worried about.   But Harrison lost 1/3 of their senior enrollment under Mr. Miles!

Dallas Enrollment History 1996 to 2014 with Graduation Rate Calculations
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Below are DISD Senior enrollment and diploma numbers from 2007 to the present from the above chart:

Dallas ISD Graduation Class Growth 2007-2013, ended in 2014
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Notice that the annual growth in senior class size almost ended with the Class of 2013 before it went negative 6% with the Class of 2014.  Was DISD Trustee Carla Ranger truly the only trustee with enough questions about Miles' record in Harrison that she was the only one not to vote to hire him?   Where are the trustees who voted to keep Mr. Miles when multiple problems were investigated and exposed last September, now that he is also clearly repeating in Dallas ISD what he did in Harrison?

The DISD Trustees who continue to ignore the data surrounding Mike Miles' history in Colorado and the damage being done in DISD, must be replaced!  DISD certainly needs to have a method to recall such trustees!