Monday, June 23, 2014

Work wins school board election over money!

Working this past month to get Joyce Foreman elected as my areas DISD Trustee was an honor! Joyce and her supporters now need to take what we achieved and replicate it across Dallas so that DISD Trustees who truly represent the families using DISD are the ones in power! We must do this again and again! Joyce may have started something very big!   We must take back control from those who only have money but do not have hundreds of volunteers who believe in our schools.
Joyce Foreman Victory Celebration
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DISD must return to active public transparency focused on the most current data.  Management decisions must be based on the most comprehensive and recent research available.  Public debates must happen when there are areas of conflict so that the research on both sides, if there is any, is known to the public. The public must be able to have dialogues with the decision makers that go beyond a 3x5 card!

We must demand more accountability so that the 6% drop in our senior class enrollment for the Class of 2014 is the last  such loss of students we have.

We must not allow what happened in Colorado to be repeated in Dallas!  Too many of the current DISD Trustees are not asking enough questions, the same trustees heavily supported by the PAC's, and who most often vote to blindly support Mr. Miles and his decisions.  Some of his decisions have been very good, but too many are destroying DISD.

Watch the student attrition rates.