Sunday, June 22, 2014

Separate but Equal Regulation, from Charter Schools to Districts?

The concept of separate but equal has cursed progress in U.S. education for generations.  It allowed generations to grow up under segregated school systems.  Only 43 years ago Dallas was just beginning to move away from separate but equal beliefs with the start of integrating the Dallas ISD.   The process exposed much about Dallas that was not pretty, which continues to this day.

Here is a 43 year report on the history of enrollment in DISD since 1970:
Dallas ISD enrollment & graduation statistics 1970 to 2013 by race.
Click on above image to enlarge it.
Taking the separate but equal mindset, the same one that helped create charter schools, and spreading it to whole school districts, is not progress! 

Why do regulations public schools work under need to be different in different places?   Do children benefit?  Separate but equal did not work in 1960 and will not work in 2015!

All public schools, that is any schools receiving public money, should function under the same accountability standards and the same high levels of public transparency.  Any variation from that destroys the equity formula that has made countries like Finland excel!    Home rule only takes the issues we are already facing with charter schools and multiplies them.  It takes from the attention our students demand.