Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dallas ISD Trustees must demand data!

Dallas ISD Enrollment History up to 2014
(Click above image to enlarge.)
Increased public transparency for what is happening within DISD must be demanded by the Dallas ISD Trustees.  Record setting teacher turnover and reports of classrooms without teachers must be verified with monthly reports of days filled by subs, and/or days subs were needed but could not be located.  Such data must be a part of the superintendent monthly report to the DISD Trustees. 

Regarding the data on the above chart, see for a details & sources for this data.

As shown in the above chart, the growth in the Cumulative Promotion Index has almost stopped, the best predictor of future change. Not specifically shown above is the 500 student drop in 12th grade enrollment for the DISD Class of 2014.  The Class of 2014 will be the first class in 7 years that will be smaller than the previous graduation class!  It may be smaller than any class since 2009 once the final numbers are in.  How far the 2014 CPI will drop will not be known until November.
The history of 12th grade enrollment loss under Mike Miles, ultimately shrinking graduation classes, existed long before he came to Dallas.  After two years of normal 12th grade growth in his previous district, Harrison, that growth stopped in 2009.  The Harrison Class of 2010 enrollment then dropped 7%, the Class of 2011 dropped 18%, and the Class of 2012 dropped 11%.  Finally the Class of 2013 dropped 12%, but by that time Mr. Miles was in Dallas where 6 years of record 12th grade enrollment growth suddenly also stopped.   Within the year, the 12th grade enrollment for the Class of 2014 had dropped 6%!  This is the largest DISD 12th grade enrollment drop in decades!

All this data, both missing but anticipated, and that which we have, indicate DISD is heading for a disaster, with children involved and already suffering!